About Us

About Preacher's Pen Coffee


Preacher's Pen Coffee began in 2023 on a quest to find fresh roasted coffee from around the world. 

Our favorite coffees include those from Honduras and neighboring countries. However, in our quest, we wanted to find flavorful coffee which was roasted fresh. In doing so, our search began.

Our search took us to contact friends all over the world to find the coffee we were pursuing. During this journey of email and messages, we wanted to share our coffee finds with others. 

To that end, Preacher's Pen Coffee began. 

At Preacher's Pen Coffee, you will find specialty coffee from around the world. We carefully sample and select the coffee to bring to our shop. 

One unique aspect of our coffee is the roasting process. When you place an order, the coffee is roasted once your order is placed. Your order takes priority. It is not sitting on a shelf, pre-roasted and waiting. It is roasted the day you place your order. 

To be sure the quality is unmatched, if you order ground coffee, it is roasted the day you order it, but we wait an additional day before shipping to make sure, the acidic quality is at the best level before sending it out to you. 


What is the Preacher's Pen?




The Preacher's Pen began in 2006 as a ministry to assist others in creating a better day today for a better life tomorrow based on the teachings of Jesus Christ. 

Since 2006, this ministry has grown and been blessed to share the message of a better life with the world. The website has flourished over the years bringing hope and motivation to those seeking a better life. 

You can find more out about the Preacher's Pen website at https://www.preacherspen.org